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The atmosphere

From the beginning till the end, the atmosphere was very good. The first day started with a teambuilding activity, which was a very exciting experience. We rose to all the challenges that we faced because we had a good relationship and communication among each other and we went with the flow. After that, we had a very nice lunchbreak. We all enjoyed the meal and had a nice chat. Then we rode tandem bikes in teams of two. Even if everyone was tired and dirty at the end, we all enjoyed the ride and had a lot of fun. After the activities, we had a long break before dinner. We hung out with each other and relaxed. After dinner, we went to a big room in which we played games and danced. At 11 p.m. we went to sleep. The next day we woke up and were ready to take on new challenges. We had a tasty and healthy breakfast. Then we did climbing and archery, and even though we were divided into two groups, the atmosphere was still amazing, even if in the end we were all tired and kind of wanted to go home and rest.


We started our first activity right after we had arrived. We met the members of staff of the SNJ Marienthal and we got to know each other. They were very nice. They explained all the rules and instructions to us.
We weren‘t very motivated in the beginning, since we were tired and hungry. Once we got into the first activity, however, we realized it was very interesting.
We had a pleasant atmosphere and good teamwork.
We had to imagine that we were on an island and wanted to survive. The activities were done with the aim of obtaining water drops, which would be useful for the next activities. We started by getting aligned on a log and had to rearrange ourselves according to size without touching the ground. We were successful and only touched the ground once. We then moved on to another activity (this one was a lot harder), where we as a team had do climb a wooden wall that was higher than all of us. Once again we managed to succeed. We even managed to complete the task after having added another two planks to the wall.
After finishing this, we had three activities still waiting for us. The first one was an imaginary fight with giant spiders, where we had to go through a web of ropes representing the spider web, without touching it.
Finally, we had to balance ourselves out on a seesaw, which we managed to do for 11 seconds and all the while we were collecting blocks that would be the centrepiece for the very last activity. This one involved the whole team again and we had to pile these blocks in order to form the word "TEAM +" with it.


The activity was done for two or three hours on the second day at Marienthal. We were divided in two groups. Each group was supervised by a member of staff and one of the teachers that accompanied us (Mr Siebenmorgen and Ms Haine).
In the beginning, we were shown how to wear the helmets, which we had to do for security reasons.
Then we went to the adventure park that we were supposed to climb in. When we arrived, the person in charge of the activity explained to us again how to do it and gave us instructions on how to communicate with our partner.
Each group consisted of two people receiving the following instructions:

  • The second person mustn’t move without the permission of the first person

The +++:

  • To have a partner to get his/her opinion on the activity.
  • The fact that the partner is there to provide moral support, guidance and motivation.

The - - - :

  • To wait for so long because there were a lot of people.
  • Very difficult to ask the partner for permission the whole time.

In conclusion, it was one of the best games for team communication and to face our fears. We got to know each other better, since we faced our fears together.

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